Tripass card takes you to the cinema in downtown Porto

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Starting next Tuesday, Tripass card is on sale, issued by Porto City Hall. The card entitles its users privileged access to the cinema circuit in downtown Porto from January 1, 2017, granting discounts and other benefits in Trindade cinemas, Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli / Campo Alegre and Passos Manuel.

TRIPASS offers a 25% discount In all film sessions over a year (except for the single price). It can be purchased in any of the movie theatres that are part of the circuit (at the Trindade cinema from January 26), valid until January 1, 2017, and it costs 10 euros. The purchase entitles you to a free ticket for a session of your choice.

Triangular shaped, the card will be on sale from Tuesday, December 13, at the Rivoli, Campo Alegre and Passos Manuel and in Cinema Trindade from January 26, the opening scheduled date for the latter venue.

The card is personal to the holder and non-transferable and must be presented at time of ticketing. Validity is one year of the date of purchase.

Tripass was announced at the end of October as part of a municipal strategy to support downtown movie theatres.