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Filipa Brito

Porto Municipal Theatre prepared a special programme for a special time: Easter. Staying at home also means time for fun and joy with loved ones. There are three amazing stories to share with the younger ones and workshops on what artwork really means. These activities are free.

During these full week and until Easter Sunday, 4th April, Porto Municipal Theatre invites families to enter the “Foco Famílias” online free programme. There are three not to miss events, as the “Palco para toda a obra”, a Worksop delivered by dancer Ángela Diaz Quintela that offers children aged eight and twelve new ways to discover the meaning of artist work.

The “Histórias para ouvir… até à hora de dormir” includes readings, namely three short stories, by TCHARAN Editora and the Papa-Livros Bookstore. The stories that will delight younger readers are “O mistério da meia desaparecida”, “O toiro azul” and “Era uma vez um cão”.

The activity themed “Azul vermelho azul manteiga”, which is held only on 3rd and 4th April, features a fitness session, both for children and adults alike, combined with a game of colours, based on the text by Michel Pastoureau, Josef Albers and Ludwig Wittgenstein, created by the Teatro Cão Solteiro & Patrícia da Silva.

The online free Foco Famílias Special for this week features:

– Cão Solteiro ⁄ Azul Vermelho Azul Manteiga (Theatre) > over six years of age

– Ángela Diaz Quintela ⁄ Palco para toda a obra (Workshop) > 8 to 12 years

– Histórias para ouvir... até à hora de dormir ⁄ Pedro Frias, Saphir Cristal and Tiago Sarmento (Literature) > over three years old

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