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Traffic cut at Avenida de D. Carlos I, in the Mouth of the river Douro, due to sea turbulence

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Filipa Brito

According to weather forecasts, adverse meteorological conditions will extend for the coming days, namely sea turbulence that will lead to traffic cut in the Avenida de D. Carlos I, starting at 2pm today, 28th October. 

The Meteorological and Geophysics Institute (IPMA) forecasts significant wave height (5 to 6 metres). As a precautionary measure, it is necessary to interrupt traffic in the Avenida de D. Carlos I, in the river Douro Mouth, as of 2pm, and traffic will be restored as soon as sea conditions enable it. The situation will be reassessed at the end of the morning of 29th October, Thursday.

The Municipal Civil Protection recommends that the population take the necessary precautions, especially regarding circulation in the seaside or access to piers and break waters, where security perimeters are set and circulation is not advised. In addition, parking vehicles nearby the seafront is not recommended.

Porto City Hall will permanently monitor these weather forecasts through its department of Transports, Inspection and Civil Protection, implementing all the preventive safety measures and disseminating all the necessary warnings.

In case of emergency contact 112 or the Porto Firefighter Battalion, via phone number 225 073 700.