Tourist accommodation in Porto registers more than 124 thousand overnight stays in January

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Filipa Brito

In January, the tourist accommodation sector registered more than 124 thousand overnight stays in the Municipality of Porto, an increase of 346 percent compared to the same period in 2021 (then, with more than 27 thousand overnight stays). Data provided by the National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estatística - INE).

This year in January, almost two million overnight stays were registered in the country, corresponding to an increase of 185,9%, higher than last December (+169,7%). The levels reached were, however, lower than those observed in January 2020, when the numbers were still not influenced by the pandemic, with a 38% reduction in the overnight stays. These, in the Municipality of Porto (6.2% of this year’s total), compared to the same period, registered, in turn, a reduction of 53.8% (-27% in residents and -61,5% in nonresidents).

Detailing the data released by INE, referring to January 2022, in Porto, more than 43 thousand overnight stays corresponded to residents (35,2% of the total), while the nonresidents (more than 80 thousand overnight stays) represented 64,8%.

Compared to 2021 (more than 16 thousand residents and more than 11 thousand nonresidents), there was growth in both parameters: +167% in residents and +60,3% in nonresidents.

North grows 17,7% compared to 2021

The data prove, albeit provisionally, a slow resumption of tourist activity in the city and also in the country. The increase in overnight stays in January 2022 was common to all the regions of the country, with the North having 17,7% more compared to 2021.

Overall, in January, tourist accommodation establishments registered more than 853 thousand guests and two million overnight stays, corresponding to increases of 183,7% and 185,9%, respectively, higher than those recorded in December (+148,9% and +169,7%, in the same order). Residents’ overnight stays increased by 104,5% (over 857 thousand overnight stays) and external markets grew by 308,7% (over 1,1 million). Compared to January 2020, the overnight stays decreased by 38,8% (-20,1% for residents and -47.9% for nonresidents).

Income from tourist accommodation establishments reached a total of 106,4 million euros, of which 76 million euros relate to accommodation.

Comparing with January 2020, total income decreased by 39,1% and income from accommodation decreased by 38,8%. Average revenue per available room (RevPAR) stood at 15,6 euros in January (21,5 in December). The average income per occupied room (ADR) reached 65,4 euros in January (73,8 euros in December). In January 2020, RevPAR was 24,9 euros and ADR 67,2.