Tickets already available for the biggest music industry event worldwide

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More than 260 artists worldwide, 520 record labels and distributers, four hundred government and educational institutions, 800 agents, more than 610 managers and 300 producers, and nearly 1250 companies from more than 50 countries, are going to be in Porto for WOMEX – Worldwide Music Expo 2021. The biggest music industry event will take place on 27-31 October and the tickets for the concerts are already available.

Altogether there will be dozens of “showcases” in eight rooms spread all over the city. The concert passes for these world’s music events may be bought in two different ways.

To “celebrate creativity and portrait the wide musical diversity that the world has to offer”, WOMEX makes available passes with access to Rivoli Theatre and S. João National Theatre, where Boi Akih, Rodrigo Cuevas or Mateus Aleluia will perform.

Each venue welcomes three concerts per day for the duration of the festival.

Whoever wishes to attend the performances of Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy, Cimafunk or Pongo, among others, may acquire the concert passes, that will take place in Sá da Bandeira Theatre, Hard Club, Coliseu do Porto, the marquee at Praça D. João I and Passos Manuel Cinema.

Besides the “showcases”, that will highlight “from the rediscovery of musical traditions to the most recent artistical breakthroughs”, Womex 2021 offers diversified musical gatherings, a commercial fair, lectures and movies, with Alfândega do Porto as the central venue.