There is a technological movement borne in Porto to fight Covid-19 and it gathers 2500 people

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There is nowadays a new world of possibilities when technology connects to public health, and all this without leaving home.

The technological movement Tech4Covid19 was launched by entrepreneurs and startups in Porto on 14th March and just six days later it comprises over 120 companies and more than 2500 people, who are working in circa 20 projects to fight the new coronavirus.

They have raised more than 100 thousand euros to buy hospital materials; they make household grocery deliveries, they make online medical appointments available and they are working on an App that identifies the Covid-19 contagion networks, in cooperation with health authorities.

It all started with a WhatsApp talk just last weekend between a small group of start-up founders in Porto; a friend of a friend joined the talk, work buddies also took part in the interaction and entrepreneurs from several areas, such as technology, digital, marketing, law, engineering, management, logistics and fundraising and very rapidly this group established communications via the Slack Platform, to combine the best way to put all this knowledge, and skills at the service of the population.

This is how the Tech4Covid19 was established, a "rather collaborative" network, essentially organised in this eight task forces, whose main goal is to provide support to the implementation of projects by these start-ups, businesses and informal groups to fight the new coronavirus, as explained to "Porto." by Liliana Pinho, communications and marketing coordinator of Tech4Covid19.

"It has not even been a week that we are working on this and the adherence is escalating so fast that we think we can reach more people and more cities", she also explained.

One of such projects is the App "Too good to go", that fights food waste through the placement of orders in the restaurant sector at lower prices; as of this moment, and there are deliveries made to the Santa Maria Hospital.

Know about the ongoing projects HERE and engage the best you can. Fill in this FORM.