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"There can be no ghettos in the city", affirms Mayor Rui Moreira during the police operation in the Pinheiro Torres and Pasteleira Nova neighbourhoods

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Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, accompanied the city's police forces to the neighbourhoods of Pinheiro Torres and Pasteleira Nova in Porto. 

This police operation was led by PSP and assisted by the Municipal Police. The police officers arrested three people for the illegal possession of narcotic drugs. Thirty people have been identified and twenty vehicles were inspected.

These results were announced by the Porto PSP commissioner Sérgio Ramos, live to the TV Network TVI. The commissioner enhanced the importance of "police visibility and crime prevention actions", which are routinely undertaken by the Public Safety Police (PSP), and assisted by the Municipal Police.

Rui Moreira joined the police force operation in the city's neighbourhoods as these kind of operations are "extremely important" because they are telling of "the presence of the State, the police and safety".

 Mayor Rui Moreira, who already informally visits these neighbourhoods, shared some moments with residents, who ensured the Mayor they feel safer on such occasions.

"They are thankful because we are here", Rui Moreira enhanced, while expressing regret that "there are many people that feel they are being held in their own neighbourhoods".

The Mayor also thinks that this situation would be solved with legislative changes, which he has been asking for quite some time and that would empower security forces in tackling drug use and trafficking on the public road.

"I have been calling on the need to carry out urgent legislative amendments so that things like residents report to us do not happen anymore"; "They say: the police comes here, arrests three people. Matter solved. After a while, they are here again doing the exact same things and creating unrest", Mayor Rui Moreira stated.

Besides, "It is really important for people to understand that this is a joint effort, because it is very difficult for them to understand that these matters do not fall upon the City Hall", the Mayor of Porto enhanced.

This police operation involved dozens of police officers, including teams of the Municipal Police Traffic division, and also the PSP dog training operational task force, the Crime Prevention and the Investigation body.