There are people that had a lifelong impact in Porto, as is the case of architect Rogério de Azevedo

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There are people that have a lifelong impact in life, as is the case of architect Rogério de Azevedo, whose work in the city of Porto still stands as landmark heritage. The Garagem do Comércio do Porto, one of the most emblematic creations by the architect from Porto, which has been listed as a Public Interest Monument, was the chosen place to pay a tribute to the man and the work, architect Rogério de Azevedo.

The session took place on 21 June and was attended by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira. The remembering ceremony included the presentation of a book on the life and work of the architect that began attending architecture classes at the age of 14, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Porto. Rogério de Azevedo was born in 1898, in the Invicta and graduated in 1926. He accomplished pedagogic training with his former master, architect Marques da Silva.

In the late 1920s and in the following decade, Rogério de Azevedo authored some of the most relevant Portuguese modernist works. The Garagem do Comércio do Porto is a landmark work in the city, a building that is addorsed to the head office of the Comércio do Porto newspaper, which was also designed by Rogério de Azevedo some years before, following an Art Deco architecture that shaped the architectural and urban image of the Avenida dos Aliados.

In addition to architecture, Rogério de Azevedo also developed projects in urbanism and monument restauration. He devoted to teaching and researching, as well, and lectured at several educational institutions, in Porto and in Viseu, and was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Porto, from 1940 to 1968.

Rogério de Azevedo was cofounder of the Northern Section of the Architects Association, where he was President in 1940. He died in 1983.