There are already 19 municipal types of equipment with a quality certificate

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Miguel Nogueira

The certification process by APCER, started in 2015, attests to the quality of the activities, services, and the management of the several equipments run by Ágora, with the consequent increase of its users’ satisfaction. The certification now covers a total of 19 infrastructures, including theatres, the Municipal Gallery, car parks and seven other sports facilities.

Ágora – Culture and Sport of Porto has successfully concluded the extension of the Quality Management System Certification to entertainment activities and 13 other equipment and platforms managed and /or operated by this municipal company, such as Porto Municipal Theatres (Rivoli and Campo Alegre), Porto Municipal Gallery, Palácio, Poveiros and Silo Auto car parks, as well as the Ramalde / INATEL sports park, Parque da Cidade, Fontes Pereira de Melo, Nicolau Nasoni, Pêro Vaz de Caminha, Irene Lisboa and Viso Sports Halls.

It should be remembered that this certification process started in 2015, allowing PortoLazer to become the first public entity in Portugal to obtain certification according to the most recent ISO 9001:2015 norm. This first stage, completed in 2016, allowed for the certification of the Municipal Swimming Pool network (Cartes, Constituição and Eng.º Armando Pimentel), the Lagarteiro Sports Hall, Viso Artificial Field and the Choupos multi-sport gymnasium. In 2017, the scope of certification was also extended to the municipal summer camps, the “Missão Férias@Porto”.

More than a simple diploma, this certification attests to the quality of the activities, services, and management of different types of equipment run by Ágora (currently, a total of 19), showing the commitment of the municipal company to the quality of its equipment, the permanent improvement in the services provided and the consequent increase of its users’ satisfaction.

This recognition by an external and independent entity (APCER) also attests to the work that Ágora has been performing in the management and operation of these infrastructures – for example, in the simplification of tasks, standardization of procedures, optimization of resources or risk control – aligned with the best international practices.

The certification process, now completed, directly involved 225 employees from the many departments and services of the municipal company Ágora –Culture and Sport of Porto.

The certification of Quality Management Systems, thus covers the following activities and equipment:

REMUPI: management of the municipal swimming pool networks, including free and oriented swimming and gym activities (Cartes municipal swimming pool, Constituição municipal swimming pool and Eng.º Armando Pimentel municipal swimming pool).

REMUPA and Municipal Large Fields network: management of municipal sports infrastructures including Sports Halls and Sports Fields (Lagarteiro Municipal Sports Hall, Fontes Pereira de Melo, Nicolau Nasoni, Pêro Vaz de Caminha, Irene Lisboa, Viso Sports Halls, Viso Synthetic Fiel, Parque da Cidade Football Field, Ramalde Sports Park and Choupos multi sports gymnasium)

Summer Camps: creation, management, and operation of the “Missão Férias@Porto”.

Management of Porto municipal theatres: (Rivoli and Campo Alegre)

Management of the Porto National Gallery

Management of car parks (Silo Auto, Poveiros and Palácio de Cristal)

Management of Entertainment activities.