Theatre and dance at Porto Municipal Theatre’s virtual stage

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The duo Palcos Instáveis, in coproduction with Joana Couto and Margarida Garces take to the stage a moment of dance that embraces urge and compulsion. Joana Couto describes the entire process as an intuitive experience, very much like an uncontrollable urge, where the focus lies on food, everything is about food and the combination of awareness and naivety.

In turn, Margarida Garces invites to consider what it means to exist, in a time when we are living on a loop, ignoring feelings and considerations, of oneself and the other.

Porto Municipal Theatre takes to the online stage the premieres of the works "If only this was about food + Cor de burro quando foge”, on 9th April, at 9 pm – transmitted on Facebook & Youtube TMP. The performances are available on 10th and 11th April, through the BOL Live Streaming, for 48 hours.