The Xmas Tree at Aliados is an enchanted stage

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João Queirós

The Xmas tree is already up at Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto and the Municipality of Porto invites everyone to see inside the tree as merry events will bring a free festive trail of events for the younger generation.

Let the Xmas tree guide you through an enchanted stage encountering musical plays, children's stories and a puppet theatre inspired by a legend of the Northern Portugal. Access is free.

From 1st till 22nd December, Porto offers seasonal fun for the whole family. Saturdays and Sundays afternoons are the perfect times to warm-up the Xmas cheer.


01/12 | 4pm and 5.30pm> "Histórias com música lá dentro" ["stories and Music", free translation]- O Som do Algodão

07/12 | 4pm and 6pm> "Histórias com música lá dentro" - O Som do Algodão

14/12 | 4pm and 6pm > "A Contadora de Histórias" ["Story Telling", free translation] - Saphir Cristal

21/12 | 4pm and 6pm> "A Contadora de Histórias" - Saphir Cristal

22/12 | 6.30pm> "Bzzzoira Moura" - Mandrágora Puppet Theatre