The Water Pavilion features digital learning sessions while proximate and attendance are not possible

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While physical attendance is yet to be fully possible, many arts and cultural equipment turn to other platforms to connect with their audiences. As such, the Water Pavilion, in Porto, offers digital services, namely the educational project H2Online. This project ensures that social and social distancing is in place while providing several laboratory activities that are streamed via the Microsoft Teams platform. 

This project is targeted at all audiences and sessions are timed for one hour duration, scheduled for 10am, 11.30am, 2pm and 3.30pm, and cost 40 euros. These educational sessions are organised by technician with the Environment Education field and target various ages' groups, from preschool education to high school and adults audiences, as well.

For the younger audiences, there are programmes such as "A água e a sua magia" ["Water and its Magic", free translation], "Oceanos e os plásticos"["Oceans and Plastics", free translation] and the historic overview of "A viagem do rio, da nascente até à foz" ["The river's travel from its spring to the river mouth", free translation].

There is also the session themed "A História da água (das primeiras civilizações ao mundo contemporâneo)" ["The History of the Water - from the first civiliazations to the contemporary world", free translation] and "A Água, a Energia, os Resíduos e o Nosso Futuro" ["Water, Energy, Waste and Our Future", free translation].

The older audiences can grasp the opportunity to learn more about "Ambiente: uma ameaça ou uma oportunidade" ["Environment: a thret or na opportunity", free translation] and "O Porto, o Douro e a contemporaneidade" [Porto, Douro and contemporaneity", free translation].

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