The show TODOS took the art of young people from Cerco and Pasteleira to the Coliseu stage

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On Wednesday night, 16 young people from the Cerco and Pasteleira housing projects presented TODOS in Coliseu Ageas. The show with technical direction of Isabel de Barros and Max Oliveira, marked the closure of activities promoted by Domus Social, under the program AIIA - Abordagem Integrada para a Inclusão Ativa, supported by the Municipality of Porto.

Porto’s mayor was in the audience, along with Fernando Paulo, former city councillor and responsible for this project, as well as several elements from the current Executive.

TODOS resulted in a performance that emerged from the combination of different artistic strands, theatre, music, and dance, where the performers embodied a creation that evoked their dreams. It is the result of a wider integration work through art, led by the projects “TODOS – Sonhos em movimento” and “Vamos imaginar um bairro de luz”.

In the three-year duration of this project, there were several public initiatives programmed to invest, essentially, in the training and awareness of the target-groups through artistic creation, in an exercise that sought to be one of constant interaction with the community. Despite the end of the AIIA project, the seeds were sown for in the future to resume the path of knowledge as one of the essential cornerstones of social cohesion.