The “Museu da Farmácia” offers a virtual tour that replaces in-person visits

  • Dulce Pereira Abrantes

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It is a best virtual tour that will provide visitors with the chance to get to know the fascinating 500 million years of History and treasures that are just a click away: the “Museu da Farmácia do Porto” virtually “opens doors” and get to know the museum collections and the 97 items made available to this virtual visit”, as informed by the Museum Administration in a press release.

Owing to the pandemic and the second lockdown issued by the Government, in-person visits to museums and other cultural equipment are not possible, but you can see the museum from your living room and also plan what is the timetable that best suits you.

The online digital platform Google Arts & Culture opens the door to this ancient world that will provide new sensations, as art is always an optimal way to find resilience in such estranged times. Everyone’s is invited.

The collection is divided in three segments: the “Museu da Farmácia do Porto”, the “Museu da Farmácia de Lisboa” and the “Farmácias Históricas”, where items of indisputable anthropological, scientific and artistic value are on display, namely an Egyptian sarcophagus, a medical suit to battle against the black plague, aka black death, several faith-healer and sorcerers of African tribes.

In addition, those interested can “visit” the museum with a real time guide, especially targeted for students. This tour requires previous application.

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