The Municipality of Porto raises awareness on city scooter riding

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The campaign to raise awareness on safety and responsible behaviour regarding city scooter riding and shared mobility transportation modes is back in the streets under the motto: "Não é tudo teu, é tudo nosso!" ["Not everything is yours, everything is ours!"]. The main goal is to make people - users, pedestrians and drivers of every sort, everyone in general - aware of the importance of establishing safety habits and conscious behaviour in the city's mean streets, when riding such a mode of transport - an electric scooter. 

The campaign is out there in Porto, in mupis scattered all over town and also through flyers that are handed out in the streets of Porto. This information is also available in official Tourism Offices and in municipal equipment, via adverts and banners.

The riding of electric scooters and shared transportation modes is allowed all over the road network in the Municipality of Porto, except for conditioned street layouts, such as spaces made up by rail exclusively for the use of railway vehicles; BUS lanes; national route 12 (aka Estrada da Circunvalação); Main Road VCI (aka Via de Cintura Interna) (A20, A28 and A1) and respective gateways; Avenida AEP; bridges of Freixo, Luiz I (upper deck) and Arrábida; and in tunnels.

There are parking spaces for micromobility and specific regulation must be observed. Scooters must be docked in assigned areas, marked in blue lines on the road and enhanced by vertical sign postings; also, these parking areas must have available space for scooter parking, which capacity is cannot be exceeded.

Mobility shared services are available or users between 6am and 10pm. For more information read the flyer.

With the rapid increase in mobility, there is a strong need for optimal use of existing infrastructure in and between cities. Accessibility and liveability of cities are key values for both citizens and road authorities. Hence, Porto is betting on Smart Mobility technology in order to offer citizens new possibilities and applications regarding mobility, all the while reducing CO2 emissions.

Bird, Circ and Hive are the three operators, which were granted licence to share riding scooters and bicycles on public roads, starting March 2020.

This transportation system will boost the use of shared transportation programmes, which are an excellent alternative to the automobile when it comes to short distance travels, and an optimal complement to public transportation.