The Municipal Assembly acknowledges the significance of Porto housing the Portuguese Professional Football League

Miguel Nogueira

The Municipal Assembly approved the barter deal regarding the trade of a municipal plot with the Portuguese Football Professional League (LPFP), on 26th October. The plot is located in Ramalde and the investment in building the new headquarter amounts to 18 million euros, which will be fully covered by the League. For all the benefits apropos such an endeavour, the municipal parliamentarians considered that it would be advantageous for the city to maintain that institution in the Invicta. 

The Municipal Assembly convened via videoconference and the idea that such an investment is beneficial for the city was consensual, as it will position the city among the world cities that offer high-end conditions for professional football training and other sportive areas devoted to high performance sports.

In addition to the 18 million euros that the League will invest, another 3.5 million are to be invested in a benchmark architecture project that will have a major impact in the area. Also, the league will put in place a Course of Football Management, Research and Training, which will result in the creation of 200 direct jobs", enhanced the parliamentarian of the Independent Movement Rui Moreira: Porto, o Nosso Partido, André Noronha, furthering that the revenue value that the Municipality waives, of circa 241 thousand euros, is a "small outflow" regarding the economic impact this endeavour will bring to Porto (in total, including all urban exemption taxes, the revenue value that the Municipality waives is circa 640 mil euros).

The population of Ramalde is also much pleased that this is in place, as mentioned by the chairman of the Parish Council "this is a spectacular project, especially in a time when the economy is messy, due to Covid-19".

The President of the LPFP, Pedro Proença, also showed his clear appreciation for this decision: "As I said on 12 October, it would make no sense that such an endeavour would not remain in Porto, where the League was born, in 1978. This is a day of celebration for the Professional Football, which will have a new and modern headquarters, with leisure areas, but also training areas. I want to offer a special world of gratitude to Rui Moreira, who since day one had the vision to believe in this project. We will move forward, even more so with the certainty of a more professional future in Football", affirmed Proença in a press release.

The building of the new Portuguese Professional Football League headquarters is estimated to kick off this coming year and the works should be concluded in 2023.