The Jardim da Água opens on Saturday, 12 June: edenic scenario and fairylike atmosphere! For real!

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Miguel Nogueira / Arquivo

The Jardim da Água, located in the Jardins Nova Sintra is back on 12 June, following an entire year of closed doors. Now, it’s time to return to this enchanted place.

The Jardim da Água, located in the Jardins Nova Sintra, is indeed the extension of a fairy tale-like scenario, as it is (literally) hanging on an atmosphere that dresses in mist (in the early hours of the day) and green, and all you can hear is the sound of silence. Does it not ring as something genuine? Then, go check it out and, while at it, give yourself and your loved ones the chance of a traditional experience. This Saturday, on 12 June, the "Jardim da Água", which translates as "The Garden of Water", is jointly promoted with the Mercado da Alegria and offers numerous activities.

The event presents eighteen participants who will sell the best homemade and non-industrial goods and products, and there are workshop stands that will provide educational and fun activities, as well.

This must-pick up programme still includes a guided tour, delivered by historian Joel Cleto, who will let you in the most amazing facts and trivia about this enchanted place. The visit starts at 3 pm, and the limit number of participants is 75 people. Previous registration to the guided tour is mandatory. All activities must follow the previous filling in of a form, except the Mercado da Alegria.

This event is promoted by "Águas e Energia do Porto" and it is aimed at bringing together the community and the Parque Nova Sintra. The event runs between 10 am and 5 pm. All activities are organised in compliance with all the health measures issued by the DGS, in the context of the ongoing pandemic, such as mandatory use of face masks, hand sanitation and physical distancing.


– from 10 am to 5 pm - Mercado da Alegria – traditional and non-industrial products

– from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm – Pottery Workshop– Tile painting with Pedro Riobom;

– from 3pm to 4 pm – Animal painting using wooden moulds with Filipa Bessa;

– At 3 pm – Guided tour with Joel Cleto.

The sculpture by Julião Sarmento “Self-portrait as a fountain”, which inaugurated in 2017, will be one of the highlights of this visit to the gardens of the “Parque das Águas” (located at Rua do Barão Nova Sintra). This is also a tribute to the artist, who passed away recently, in May.