The Community Association of the Pasteleira Neighbourhood is pleased with the work on improving public space

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The Community Association of the Pasteleira Social District - Previdência/Torres assesses as globally positive the intervention that the Municipality of Porto recently concluded regarding the public space rehabilitation and enveloping space, namely dropped crossings, tactile paving (also called Tenji blocks or tactile ground surface indicators), rehabilitated pedestrian paths or even the relocation of waste collection islands. All this very much pleases the population, as stated Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, who visited the neighbourhood this morning. 

The works in Bairro da Pasteleira were concluded within the estimated timeline, especially in the area of the Torres Vermelhas, aka Bairro de Previdência/Torres.

Today, Rui Moreira wanted to see, first hand, the result of the work managed by the municipal company GO Porto - Gestão e Obras do Porto, which commenced last April and was concluded in the first half of October.

The visit was conducted by the residents and the Mayor of Porto strolled through the streets of the neighbourhood, namely the pedestrian paths that cross the district, also listening to several improvement suggestions in some areas. Rui Moreira was accompanied by Cristina Pimentel, councillor for Transports, Monitoring and Civil Protection, Catarina Araújo, councillor for Youth and Sports, the GO Porto administrator, Manuel Aranha, and also the municipal director for Mobility and Transports.

This endeavour was aimed at improving the pedestrian accessibility conditions, through the rehabilitation of all sidewalks, tactile paving and protection rails. The works also featured the rehabilitation of the traffic lanes that were worn, the improvement regarding the existing system of rainwater drainage with the construction of new gutters and deterrents intended to prevent abusive parking, and the relocation of waste collection islands, to make them more accessible, as requested by the population, as well. 

The municipal investment amounted to 340 thousand euros.