The city of Porto will be the world centre in breaking this summer

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World Battle – International Street Sports and Culture Festival, that takes place from August 28th to September 3rd in Alfândega do Porto, will be a “two-in-one” event and is counting on more than 60 represented nationalities to show the vitality of worldwide breaking. Attention should be paid to August 30th and 31st, with the undertaking of the World Series’ decisive phase in Porto, that will determine the masculine and feminine breakers who will move on to the Olympics 2024.

From the 11 applicant countries, Portugal was one of the five selected countries (besides Japan, Brasil, France, and China) to host The World Battle – World Series, being that Porto will be the host city of the sports and urban culture festival. The initiative’s official presentation happened on Tuesday.

This is the third time that Invicta hosts the event, with this year’s edition being filled with symbolism as it is the phase that will determine the Olympic qualification in Paris 2024, revealing the 16 masculine and 16 feminine athletes chosen to represent, for the first time, breaking at the Olympics. Note that the Portuguese Vanessa Marina has been admitted to Paris, the next year.

The councillor for Sports and Youth, Catarina Araújo, present in the opening, considers that “this is the sign of enthusiasm and dynamism that brings us here today – the execution of an international benchmark event for sports and urban culture – The World Battle”, not to mention “this adds to the fact that we are also counting on the qualifications for the Olympics Games 2024”.

“It was a long road for us to get here, as we were not the only ones to send an application, and still we managed to win and stand out next to 11 countries in order to have this event here”, Catarina Araújo highlighted.

Max Oliveira, currently responsible for the organisation of The World Battle – The World Series 2023, highlighted Street Vibes as one of the most important moments of the line-up.

This is a demonstration of Olympic sports with streetbasket, skateboarding, breaking, and surf that comes from “the happy marriage with Porto City Hall, embodied in Desporto no Bairro. We want to transport to this festival the component of inclusion and social action so well represented in this municipal programme”, the athlete pointed out.

Aside from the battles, dance workshops, competitions and parallel activities, the International Street Sports and Culture Festival will gather, in Alfândega do Porto, multiple labels, events and operations related to urban sports.