The best Xmas stories for kids are online with the “Adventário” project by Ágora

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“Time goes by so slowly for those who wait…” we could all sing the tune to one of Madonna’s hit songs, but what if instead we advance Christmas little by little and listen to Xmas stories, one day at a time? This is the project called “Adventário”, which translates as the Calendar of the Advent and is organised by the municipal company Ágora. So, this December, well-known personalities will tell Christmas stories each day, at 9.30pm. These are available on video.

Although in a different year, celebrating Xmas is more important than ever, and even if there will be no Xmas tree standing in the Avenida dos Aliados this year, there will be plenty of light in the streets to celebrate the jolly season, as this is “the season to be merry!”. In addition, Porto City Hall, via Ágora created the “Adventário”, a project targeted at the younger audiences and whose goal is to celebrate Xmas, this time in the digital platforms.

Until the 24th December, enjoy a selection of the best Christmas stories brought to you online and that will bring fun and excitement to the days ahead; 24 known personalities and people with strong connections to Porto will read stories for kids, inspired by the festive feeling that is entering our daily lives.

Go to Ágora’s Facebook page every day and find out the sweet Xmas stories to listen as a family. The stories will be available later on Ágora’s Youtube if you want to check them out.

The first story is read by model, entrepreneur and host Diana Pereira, on 1st December, from the book “Conta Comigo”, by Marta Coelho and aRita, published by Máquina de Voar.

Other personalities that will read these inspiring stories until Xmas Eve are the musician Rui Reininho, archaeologist Joel Cleto, writers Raquel Patriarca and Adélia Carvalho, dancer and choreographer Max Oliveira, visual artist Manuela Pimentel, and also the Commander of the Firefighter Battalion of Porto, Carlos Marques, the Police Commander of Porto Municipal Police, António Leitão da Silva, and the youtuber Sofia Manuel aka “a Tripeirinha”). These are but some of the invited “story readers”.

The project was developed by Bairro dos Livros, upon invitation by Ágora, and illustration and animation are delivered by Alice Eça Guimarães and Jorge Ribeiro (Fleabag Frog). All the stories will have sign language interpreting.

We wish you happy stories!