Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã will soon change Porto urban landscape

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Mayor Rui Moreira visited the construction site of the landmark project of Campanhã: the Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã. This massive endeavour will revolutionise mobility in Porto, sustainability wise and in terms of economic and social development, as well, particularly to the western part of the city, and to the entirety of the Invicta, in general. We are beginning to see how this work will change the urban landscape in Porto; from there, people can link to the Parque da Corujeira, to Monte da Bela, to the Quinta do Mitra, and to the nearby Slaughterhouse. This is an investment of circa 12. 6 million euros and it will conclude in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Rui Moreira visits the construction site, almost one year after his last visit. Let’s take a walk with the Mayor.

On site, the work progress is clear: 1.4 tonnes of steel and about 11.300 m3 of cement have already been deployed. Also, pavement of the Bus Terminal and the parking areas are ongoing, with a capacity for 230 or 240 parking spaces under the Park & Ride system (this enables parking a car at a reduced fare and continue the journey by bus, train or metro).

The ground floor (Piso 0) will work as the epicentre of the Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã. Escalators are almost in place, to connect the several floors. GOP Executive Director, Manuel Aranha leads the Mayor thorough the construction site. The first floor accommodates the administrative departments, ticket offices, customer support, waiting rooms, driver’s resting areas, alongside other utilities solutions. In these floors, the arcades are being paved.

A very user-friendly Campanhã station

The Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã is built almost in a parallel line to the station of Campanhã, and its primary space is facing east, where there will be a green roof and a garden area with ponds, which covers circa 4. 6 hectares. Waterproofing works and drainage system installation are ongoing.

From there, one can spot the grove at Praça da Corujeira, which will be redeveloped. The lot at Monte da Bela, with a total construction area of 23.000 m2, is to comprise the construction of 230 affordable housing buildings. Also nearby, there is the former STCP bus yard, where Porto City Hall wants to build dwellings, trade and services.

The century old Quinta do Mitra, also located in the TIC vicinity, will be rehabilitated. The goal of the project is to restore and modernize the outdoor enveloping area, as well as the inside space of the Quinta do Mitra, transforming it into a large public space, easily accessible and as an extension of the urban park that frames the future Terminal Intermodal of Campanhã. The municipal investments amount to circa 1.2 million euros.

The set of investment made in that part of town, namely the doubling of the Parque Oriental, which was concluded two years ago, the restoration of the former Industrial Slaughterhouse, the reactivation of the Ramal de Alfândega byway, and also the construction of the new bridge over the Douro River, with the mooring system next to the Quinta da China, account for a substantial investment of 100 million euros, public and private, to develop the Campanhã area.

Campanhã transfer station

As regards street works and landscaping, GO Porto (works manager) estimates that the interconnection pedestrian area between TIC and the South pedestrian access of the Campanhã station will be resolved during the months to come. It further informs that underground and surface infrastructure are being implemented in the viaduct area at Rua Pinheiro de Campanhã, as are the pavement works nearby Ceres, and the terrain modelling in garden areas.

The last stage of construction works comprises the conclusion of paving, and the assembly for electrical network and telecommunications installations, the placing of public lighting and signalling devices and equipment. Also included are the final works regarding garden areas, green roofs and ponds, as well as the construction of a wooden pedestrian bridge, over the hybrid area, alongside the provision of urban furniture.

Thus far, the endeavour of Terminal Intermodal executed a total of 8. 5 million euros, i. e., circa 67% of the planned investment. The contractor is ABB - Alexandre Barbosa Borges S.A. that won the procurement tender launched by the Municipality of Porto.

Porto Municipal Assembly expressed a high level of satisfaction with the deadline for the completion of the works, given the large positive impact that the Terminal Intermodal will have on the economic and social development of the city. During the first three years, TIC’s maintenance operation will be made by service provider. The international public tender will be launched soon.