Teatro Municipal do Porto takes performances to the online stage: join them

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José Caldeira

TMP’s online programming of the coming weeks includes the premiere of "F…" by the company theatre Estrutura; a new session of “Quintas de Leitura”, the streaming of the Understage cycle and a virtual meeting between the Teatro Experimental do Porto and the Chilean company Teatro La Maria.

All in-person activities have been suspended on 14th January, and Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP) enhances the strategy commenced as the 2020/2021 season kicked off, with the January and February programming to be presented exclusively on digital platforms.

On 29th and 30th January, there is the screening of the video "Estreito/Estrecho", which documents a creation process that joins the oldest Portuguese theatre company, Teatro Experimental do Porto and Teatro La María, from Chile. The video is available for free, during the period stated above (29th and 30th January) at the TMP website.

Sunday brings the online talk with the artists, via the Zoom platform and the Facebook of TMP and both companies, as well. Those who wish to participate should previously enrol, by sending an email to

February is just around the corner, and on the 11th there is another session of “Quintas de Leitura”, at the digital stage of TMP. The session is themed "O astronauta casou-se por lá" and celebrates the work by two artists of Porto: Filipa Leal and João Habitualmente. The show features a contemporary circus act, by Daniel Seabra and Margarida Monteny, and also two musical interludes, by the bands Lavoisier and Cachupa Psicadélica. The show debuts on 11th February, at 10 pm and access is done via the online theatre ticket box (BOL) until 14th February. Ticket price is 4, 50 euros.

The TMP programme for this season also includes the concert by the Conferência Inferno, a band from Porto that features Francisco Lima, Raúl Mendiratta and José Miguel Silva that have just released their debut album "Ata Saturna", which includes the single "Ausente". This project is part of the Understage cycle and it is co-produced by Lovers & Lollypops. Also expect to hear electronic music with kraut, darkwave and punk beats. The concert happens on 19th February, at 10 pm. It will be available for a 48-hour period, at the BOL. Ticket price is 3, 50 euros.

On 25th February, the latest creation by the theatre company Estrutura, "F..." takes to the online stage at the TMP. The performance joins on stage Cátia Pinheiro, Patrícia da Silva and Paula Sá Nogueira, to unveil several approaches to feminism. Originally to be presented in a mixed in-person and online formats, the play was adapted to the digital platform. The show is available at the TMP virtual concert hall, from 25th to 28th February. Tickets cost 4, 50 euros.

Jérôme Bel and the National Ballet Company feature new dates

The programme “Dançar em Tempo de Guerra”, by the National Ballet Company (featuring two works from the 1930’s, namely "A Mesa Verde" (1932) and "Chronicle" (1936)), previously scheduled to be presented on 19th and 20th February, has been postponed for 28th and 29th May, at the Teatro Rivoli. Accordingly, the presentation of the programme “Primeira Vez”, which includes two creations by Marco da Silva Ferreira and Filipe de Portugal will also be rescheduled, with dates soon to be announced.

In turn, the presentation of "The show must go on", by the French choreographer Jérôme Bel, brings new presentations, on 3rd and 4th June, at Rivoli. This show first debuted twenty years ago and it is a coproduction by TMP, Teatro Viriato (29th May in Viseu) and Culturgest (16th, 17th, 18th and 19th June in Lisbon).

The remaining performances and activities, previously scheduled for January and February have been suspended, owing to the current pandemic situation. TMP will announce new dates, as soon as possible.