Taxis make circa two hundred runs every day to Covid-19 vaccination sites in Porto

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The Municipality of Porto and the Taxi operators in the city have signed a cooperation agreement to transport people to and from vaccination centres, namely the Health Centres in the Western and Eastern part of the city. The service is available as of 9 March and it enables to travel to vaccination sites by taxi ride at two euros per one-way trip, and round-trips at 4 euros. This measure had already been announced by Mayor Rui Moreira on 22nd February, during the Municipal Executive meeting.

This agreement not only represents a strong contribution to mobility in the city, but it also eases traffic and parking constraints nearby vaccination centres. Also, it helps boost this sector that has been so hard hit by the pandemic and by the absence of tourists in town.

In addition to the vaccination sites in Cerco and in the Transmissions Regiment, those who book their jabs for the drive-thru of the Queimódromo, which was recently given a green light by the Government and by the Task Force to start operating, can also take taxi trips to that vaccination site under the same cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Porto and the taxi Operators.

Residents (and attendants) should call a taxi via the phone number 939 955 263. For each taxi trip, the Municipality of Porto will cover costs up to a maximum of six euros.

On the occasion of the entry into force of this initiative, the Municipality of Porto highlighted “the key role of taxi rides as an alternative to public transport”, in line with the promotion of intermodality and a sustainable mobility.

“The population of Porto is adhering to this initiative by the Municipality of Porto and that leads us to maintaining the partnership with the Taxi companies, and also to strengthening the amount available”, read the proposal by the councillor for Transports, Cristina Pimentel, in May this year, during an Executive Meeting.