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Taking care of streets in Porto: this time it was Rua do Dr. Vasco Valente

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The repairs and improvements at the Rua do Dr. Vasco Valente, in the parish of Ramalde are now completed. The intervention aimed to rehabilitate and to modernize street space and the surroundings of the residential area, namely pavements and pedestrian access, as well as road signposting.

The endeavour also included landscape design works, the setting up of urban furniture, namely urban solid waste collection equipment and the improvement of the drainage and waste-water treatment system.

The municipal company GO Porto was in charge of the works and the rehabilitation time previously estimated was fully met. This was an investment of over 400 thousand euros.

It is worth highlighting that as of February, this year, the Municipality of Porto concluded the repair and improvement works in the Bairro da Vilarinha, next to the Rua do Dr. Vasco Valente.