Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota wins prize for best engineering workmanship

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The Prémios CONSTRUIR 2019 granted the prize for best engineering workmanship to the construction company Lucios, for the requalification works of the Pavilhão Rosa Mota. The readers of the newspaper CONSTRUIR, a national reference publication in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and real estate, have chosen the Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota as the best private endeavour, between January 2018 and September 2019.

This undertaking was totally financed by the consortium Círculo de Cristal.

"More than a renovation of the iconic building in Porto, the rehabilitation of the Pavilhão Rosa Mota resulted in the impressive Super Bock Arena. The refurbished building, developed by Lucios, now features a dome that enables a 360º city view and a unique acoustic insulation, which makes this the perfect arena in town. Also, after a six month rock excavation, it was possible to lower the floor and set up an auditorium to fit 500 people", the construction promoters explained.

Former Sports Pavilion, aka Rosa Mota Pavilion underwent a stringent and highly innovative restructuring plan; this building was literally brought to life and aims at an auspicious future.

The privileged location of the Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota is an added value as it works as a streamline for culture in Porto.

The old exterior façade was kept; still, the building now offers a restaurant with a view to the lake and to the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, whose opening is scheduled for the first semester of 2020, and a food court to support this activity.

Boxes are accessible through the first and the third floors, and the 23 cabins are located on the second floor.

The Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota project took into consideration sustainability issues, in order to leave a green footprint in the city.

As such, energy and resource efficiency were a main concern during the project implementation, namely the natural cooling of the temperature control machines by resorting to the lake water of the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, which allows the reduction of nearly 40% of energy consumption and water waste.

Moreover, the Installation of double glazed high pressure laminate windows inside the dome and tempered glass on the outside enables a much more energy efficient building.

The illumination system - LED bulbs were used - and responsible waste management are other examples of sustainable options used in the refurbished building.

As for the room acoustics, which is crucial for every type of performance, the entire structure is covered with a multilayer of rock wool, as well as an acoustics screen embedding the buds or spaces between the pillars. The visual impact is minimum as the canvas were specifically arranged for that purpose.

The 768 eyepieces that make up the building dome exterior - a brand image - were kept, so as to preserve the exterior architectural identity.

Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota officially opened on 28th October 2019 and its activities programme already covers a two-month period. The venue is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies and can host up to eight thousand people in cultural, sports and business events.