Stunning three-of-a kind murals to celebrate Urban Art and sustainability at the Parque das Águas

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Joy-inducing murals will brighten the Parque das Águas in the Jardim Nova Sintra, in Porto. The coming months will see three installations by artists from Porto taking the place of plain walls. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of water, energy and biodiversity. The first of these is already "in the wall", by Hazul.

This action is held in the framework of the Blue Flag pedagogical actions, which comprises the cycle of urban art at the Parque das Águas. This initiative is promoted by the municipal company Águas e Energia do Porto (AEdP). The first work is themed “Arca da Água” authored by Hazul, the artist from Porto that was the first to apply his genius strokes to the mural at the Jardins de Nova Sintra.

“This mural represents the intersection points of the several flows of water”, and its respective influxes, or as Hazul explains it, “that are generously distributed across different axis and directions. This ‘Arc’ also symbolises access equity and the continued giving and taking”.

Following his visit to the renovated AEdP Lab, the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira visited the site of the installation, alongside the architect and author of the AEdP rehabilitation project Eduardo Souto de Moura, and by the Board of Directors of the municipal company.

Hazul’s installtion at the Parque das Águas is the first out of three that will frame that space. Following Hazul, in July, artists Oaktree and Godmess will leave their imprints in the garden murals at the Parque das Águas, in August and in September, respectively. The umbrella focus is energy and biodiversity, aimed at illustrating the way society faces natural resources and connects with nature, in order to reach a solid value: planet sustainability.

The Programme ‘Bandeira Azul 2021’ (Blue Flag 20-21) is back to the beaches in Porto, to raise people’s awareness on the importance of “Recovering the Biodiversity”, by adopting environmentally safe and responsible behaviours.