Streets at Foz Velha received new handrails to pedestrian accessibility

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New handrails are in place in Foz Velha. This endeavour’s main goal was to improve pedestrian accessibility, under the Municipality of Porto accessibilities mobility plan. Residents and visitors coming and going in the streets of Foz Velha now have new street equipment that will make their lives easier.

The Handholds and railings were especially manufactured for those sites and have already been deployed in a setup of streets in that area, where streets are narrow and steep, which causes constraints to residents' mobility.

The first set had been deployed at the Travessa and Rua de S. José, and now new handrails have been deployed in the remaining adjacent streets, to improve mobility and accessibility. The streets were chosen according to the following priorities: nonexistence of handrails or guardrails in public connected stairways; nonexistence of handrails in deeply steep streets; and replacement of exiting handrails.

The municipal company Gestão e Obras do Porto - GO Porto was in charge of this endeavour that will benefit a total of 14 streets: Travessa dos Olivais, Rua de Santo Antonino, Rua do Bom Jesus, Rua de Santa Senhorinha, Travessa Alegre, Rua da Quinta, Rua da Beneditina, Calçada da Serrúbia, Viela da Senhora da Lapa, Escadas da Igreja, Travessa do Passeio Alegre, Rua do Sacramento, Travessa do Sacramento and staircases at Rua de Duarte Barbosa.

The works took less than estimated to be concluded and the municipal investment was circa 115 thousand euros.