Step into the Patio of the University of Porto and rejoice with simple pleasures

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The cultural highlights of these past evenings at the U. Porto included cinema, theatre, music, toads and frogs (!) and concludes on 1 August the Teatro Universitário do Porto (TUP) takes to the stage the performance ‘Mono’, by Joana Mont Alverne: “It is a tribute to the ‘lifeless monos [word used to describe people who do not experience a true life, who do not fully enjoy and feel alive], or to the ‘mono-people’. The performance explains very graphically that this living beings are nothing but…’vomit’.

The show will also enable to debate this notion and have a personal perspective on the ‘mono’ approach to live.

The Noites no Pátio do Museu [“Evenings at the Museum’s Patio”, free translation], offered countless and timeless cultural activities such as poetry, documentary film, theatre and so much more that participants unveiled at the Patio of the Central Pole of the Natural History Museum of the University of Porto, in the Rectory (MHNC-UP).

The initiative “Noites no Pátio do Museu”, started on 6 July and concludes on 1 August. Sessions always start at 9 pm. Entrance is free, but previous application at the Eventbrite portal is mandatory, which is subject to seat availability.

See here the full programme.