STCP reminds passengers that there are obstacles to the travel between municipalities

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Miguel Nogueira

STCP (Porto Bus Company of Porto) reminds passengers that there are circulation restrictions between districts, from today, 30th October (since midnight) and 6am on 3rd November. Thus, passengers should travel, as urged by the company, only according to the situations covered by the Law. 

Under the resolution of the Council of Ministers, traffic movements between municipalities is restricted and buses, as other vehicles, can be monitored by the authorities, "so, it is necessary that everyone - passengers and bus drivers - certify the need to circulate in-between municipalities to avoid inconvenience and delay in travels", states the STCP Company in a press release.

There are exceptions to this movement restraint, namely travels to get students to schools and kindergartens, and residents that must go day-care centres or therapy centres.

For other exceptions to the non-circulation Resolution n. 89-A/2020, STCP recommends the consultation of the Official Gazette.

In addition, the Bus Company highlights that the use of facemask is mandatory, not only inside the vehicles but also in the outside, as of 28th October and for a period of 70 days, and bus stopovers and terminals are included in this measure.