STCP now runs according to Saturday hours

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Miguel Nogueira

STCP - The Society of Collective Transports of Porto announced it will reduce the service provided to the public transport of passengers, starting today, 23rd March, in the scope of the contingency measures to fight CoVid-19.

Changes concern timetables and regular travels and are the consequence of the reduction of the number of passengers due to the pandemic.

Thus, all STCP bus lines are of 23rd March operating the "Saturday" timetable instead of the "working days" timetable.

Sundays and holidays keep the corresponding timetables.

In a statement sent to "Porto.", the company stresses that the timetable changes means about 40% reduction in supply, but it "guarantees service availability of public transport for the entire period of the pandemic", as well as "guarantees the social distancing required to all passengers travelling by bus".

"Supply is around 60%, even if the demand has dropped 80%", as stated by the STCP, enhancing the importance of protecting both workers and passengers".

The company also urges passengers to take "the strictly necessary trips".

Contingency ASTCP timetables:

> Real time information, via App Move-me AMP, QR Code on Bus stops, at the STCP site and the SMSBUS 68998 (cost: 25 cents);

> Company's website - - the "Linhas" tab, consulting by line or bust stop.