Speed Recruitment 2020 will occur online in real time, on 25th November

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Miguel Nogueira

The 13th edition of the Speed Recruitment event is held exclusively online, this year, on 25th November, at 9am, due to the Covid-19 contingency plan. Participants will be able to visit the virtual stands of all the companies that are associated with the event, get feedback regarding recruitment needs and existing job opportunities. Participation is free but prior registration is mandatory. Apply at

This initiative is targeted at youth that requires information and guidance, graduates of schools or higher education institutions preparing to play an active role in the world of work or entrepreneurship, active professionals who need relevant attestation of competence and unemployed workers in need of retraining.

It is organised in a speed-dating recruitment format and companies have a chance to meet with future employees in 5 minutes slot interviews, or in an open format, where companies and applicants share information.

The Cité des Métiers is a project promoted by Porto City Hall and aims at boosting employability and entrepreneurship, helping people put together the information they require regarding their professional paths, namely documentation, workshops, job interview preparation and other. This service to support citizens is free of charge in the fields of information, consultancy on professions, jobs, training and entrepreneurship.

For more information, contact the “Cidade das Profissões” via email, stating “SR 2020” or via phone (+351) 223 392 360.