South Korean delegation got to know the work undertaken in the management of Bolhão

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Filipa Brito

A group of representatives from the city of Nam-gu, located in the metropolitan area of Ulsan (South Korea), visited Mercado do Bolhão on Wednesday.

In response to a request made on behalf of the South Korean delegation, the municipal company GO Porto – Gestão e Obras do Porto, responsible for the refurbishment of Mercado do Bolhão, opened the doors to the Invicta’s icon allowing visitors to see the work that has been done.

The delegation of South Korea aimed to collect information about the refurbishment and operational aspects of Mercado do Bolhão, as well as to exchange experiences regarding actions to revive the local economy and commercial areas.

The delegation, consisting of 16 elements included, among other entities, the mayor of Nam-gu, Seo Dong-wook. The visit was guided by the vice-president of the Board of Directors of GO Porto, Cátia Meirinhos.

On September the 15th , following its rehabilitation work, Mercado do Bolhão will reopen for the reunion with the city, introducing many new features while maintaining the same “soul”.