Social gathering with artistic overtones at the Fonoteca Municipal do Porto

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The floor is open to anyone who wishes to celebrate the 30 years of the launch of the “Uno Dos” debut album of Repórter Estrábico. Members of the iconic band Anselmo Canha (bass player) and Paulo Lopes (guitar player), are the invited guests for the tertulia at the Fonoteca Municipal do Porto (FMP) aka Porto Audio Room, on 25 July, at 5 pm. The event is access free. Secure your spot (up to two seats per person) via e-mail

The Fonoteca Municipal do Porto (FMP) organises a social gathering with artistic overtones, in this case, with two musicians of the iconic band from Porto “Repórter Estrábico”: bassist Anselmo Canha and guitarist Paulo Lopes, who will talk about the 30 years of the release of their debut album “Uno Dos”, moderated by Armando Sousa, who is in charge of the programming and archive of the FMP.

The theme of the tertulia is “Disco pesado: Os Repórter Estrábico nos trinta anos de Uno Dos” and will address trivia and facts about the album released in 1991.

Repórter Estrábico joined as a band, in Porto, in the 1980’s and went on to builduing a successful career. Their music genre was what was called “tecno pop ironic”, and they launched six works — Uno Dos (1991) 1 Bigo (1994), Disco de Prata (1995), Mouse Music (1999), Requiem (2002) and Eurovisão (2004).

There would be a 10-year gap until they would come to the stages, in 2017, with the participation of four members of the original band formation – Luciano Barbosa, Anselmo Canha, Paulo Lopes and Manuel Ribeiro – which culminated with the release of the new single, “Separa o Lixo”, in 2018.

In 2019, the death of the band leader and vocalist Luciano Barbosa sort of left the band adrift: “There is no sense in asking if something is over. You don’t dry out a flood by decree. As regards the Repórter Estrábico, it is not for sale. It is something that passes on.”

This event will take place in the garden of the FMP, on 25 July, at 5 pm, for a revisiting to the album Uno Dos, with the testimony of both invited guests. Limited to space availability, the event is access free, but previous seat reservation is mandatory (up to two seats per person), via e-mail

In addition to providing regular online contexts on their website, the FMP will also deliver active listening sessions, starting in September, by different guests that will take a record of the Porto Municipal Audio Room as a starting point for the experience sharing.