São João is back as it always was: traditional and celebrated throughout the city

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The biggest party in the City is back and it will be what it always was: a whole month of tradition and entertainment spread through the streets of Porto. The schedule of the Festas de São João was presented this Tuesday, in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, and includes everything from concerts to amusements, from “cascatas” to “rusgas”. And, of course, the fireworks.

The Mayor of Porto recognizes that this is a – even more - special party, since “we had two atypical years, in which the city was closed and we didn´t celebrate São João except in our intimacy, with our neighbours, with our families”. For this reason, admits Rui Moreira, “we really wanted to prepare a comeback that would bring to all Porto residents a feeling of normality that already seemed lost”.

In 2022, Porto is preparing a program that “brings back the memories that the people of Porto have” and “keeps the city’s traditions alive” and the importance of this comeback, believes the mayor, “will be answered by the people of Porto”.

“Porto will offer a program of popular festivities spread over three parts of the city”, advanced Catarina Araújo, councillor and president of the board of directors of the municipal company, Ágora.

Since Avenida dos Aliados is conditioned by the works of Metro do Porto, and also to relieve the pressure that was felt at in the place, on the longest night of the year there will not be a big concert in the centre of the city, but three popular festivals at different spots.

“Praça do Rossio”, in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal “is the first to give music to the city”, informed the councillor, with Santos Noventeiros to the rhythm of Romana, Saúl and Marante. The dance begins at 8pm of the 23rd and continues, at 10pm, to Largo Amor de Perdição, in Cordoaria, with entertainment provided by Toy and José Malhoa.

Starting at t 11,30pm and “in line with the interests of a more alternative audience”, Chico da Tina acts at Praça da Casa da Música. “We are interpretating the city’s geography in terms of what the city’s time is”, says the Mayor of Porto.

And everything follows the rhythm for the highlight of the night: the fireworks. Since the lower deck of Luiz I bridge is under construction work, the pyrotechnics show that lights up the sky that night will not be launched from the upper deck, but from its own structures installed on Douro River, in partnership with Vila Nova de Gaia city hall.

Music is heard everywhere

The seven Parish Councils in the County also receive a special program on the 17, 18, 19 and 23, with names like Quim Barreiros, Zé Amaro, Bandalusa or Diapasão standing out. On the 24th of June, São João day, Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa concert, will take place at 6pm, in the acoustic shell of Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.

In addition to the music, there is more tradition back in the city. On Saturday, 18, starting at 3pm, eight folks participate in the Arruada de Ranchos do Porto, which ends at Praça do General Humberto Delgado.

It is also here that, on the 22nd and 23rd of June, the installation of “Flores de Manjerico” will be present, an artistic proposal by the Porto collective FAHR 021.3.

Also not to be missed at the party is the traditional Cascata Comunitária de São João, developed by Oficina Brâmica together with the people of Porto, and which will be on display at the Mercado Temporário do Bolhão, between the 21 June and 4 July.

The last point of the program turns all attention to the “Rusgas”, the popular marches in Porto that count on the participation of various associations and collectives in the city. This year the parade starts at 5pm from Praça da Batalha and ends at Praça do General Humberto Delgado, where the winning “rusga” will receive a trophy by the designer Madalena Martins.

A fun, responsible and safe Porto

Mandatory at the popular festivities are the amusement areas. The traditional carousels and stands have already arrived at Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque (Rotunda da Boavista) at the end of May, but there will also be amusements installed in Jardim do Cálem (in Lordelo do Ouro), on Avenida D. Carlos I (in Passeio Alegre), and at Alameda das Fontainhas.

With what many considers, as mentioned by Rui Moreira, “probably the most important popular festivity in the country” spreading throughout the city, some traffic restrictions will be necessary.

The billboard for the “são joaninas” parties is by the muti-award-winner sculptor and designer João Machado. As usual, São João has the official sponsorship of Super Bock.

The Municipality of Porto calls for the celebrations of the longest night of the year to be lived with individual responsibility due to the pandemic that has not yet ended and guarantees that it will accept all the decisions taken, in the meantime, by the Directorate General for Health.

In a total, the Festa de São João represents a municipal investment of around 630 thousand euros and the entire program is made together with the PSP and Civil Protection.


São João (night) – 23 June
8 pm | Praça do Rossio dos Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
Santos Noventeiros (Romana, Saúl and Marante)

10 pm | Largo Amor de Perdição
Toy and José Malhoa

11,30 pm | Praça da Casa da Música
Chico da Tina
midnight | Ribeira do Porto

S. João (day) – 24 June

6 pm | Acoustic Shell of Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa

“Rusgas” – 2 July
5 pm | Parade in several streets of the city with final presentation at Praça General Humberto Delgado


Paranhos Parish Council:
• Jardim de Arca d´Água:
17/06: BANDA R (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: BANDALUSA (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: EXPRESSO 86 (9 pm - 11 pm)

• Rua Sá de Miranda:

Campanhã Parish Council:
• Praça da Corujeira:
17/06: DIAPASÃO (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: ALFANORTE (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: BANDA R (9 pm - 11 pm)
23/06: ALMA LATINA E FUSIFORME (10 pm - 4 am)

Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos Parishes Union:
• Rua do Ouro – Parking lot:
17/06: MUSIKANTRIO (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: BAILA 5 (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: QUIM BARREIROS (6 pm - 8 pm)
23/06: KID FLASH E ALFA NORTE (10 pm - 4 am)

• Cais das Pedras:
17/06: DNA (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: OSIV (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: ALBATROZ (9 pm - 11 pm)
23/06: MUSIKANTRIO E BANDA R (10 pm - 4 am)

Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde Parish Unions:
• Esplanada do Castelo/Avenida D. Carlos I
17/06: FUSIFORME (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: IVASOM (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: ZÉ AMARO (6 pm - 8 pm)

• Largo da Igreja de Nevogilde:
23/06: DUO INSEPARÁVEIS E OSIV (10 pm - 4 am)

Ramalde Parish Council:
• Jardim Sarah Afonso:
17/06: HORIZA (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: EXPRESSO 86 (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: DELTA 7 (9 pm - 11 pm)
23/06: MARCUS LEVY E NOVO SÉCULO (10 pm - 4 am)

Centro Histórico Parish Unions:
• Largo da Praia (Miragaia):
17/06: ALFANORTE (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: NOVO SÉCULO (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: MUSIKANTRIO (9 pm - 11 pm)
23/06: DUO IMPAKTO E DELTA 7 (10 pm - 4 am)

Bonfim Parish Council:
• Fontainhas:
17/06: NUNO PORTUGAL (10 pm - 1 am)
18/06: DELTA 7 (10 pm - 1 am)
19/06: HORIZA (9 pm - 11 pm)
23/06: DUO CONTACTO E ALBATROZ (10 pm - 4 am)