Residents of the neighbourhood of Tapada organise visit to help identify rehabilitation solutions

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The Residents Association of The Bairro da Tapada has invited the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira to visit the neighbourhood, in the Fontainhas area. The visit took place this week, and councillor for Housing, Social Cohesion and Education, Fernando Paulo, and the administrators of Domus Social, Filipa Melo and João Sendim, also joined the visit and shared a “grilled Sardine” meal of São Pedro, offered by the Resident’s Association.

This visit enabled to assess the importance of rehabilitating the housing complex and identifying the main solutions that the renovation process must include in order to meet the resident’s needs.

The Bairro da Tapada, located at the Rua da Corticeira, n. 31 and 33, was acquired by the Municipality of Porto and its management was transferred to the municipal company Domus Social. It comprises 38 dwellings (22 in the Northern building and 16 in the Southern building); 35 of those 38 dwellings are rented. A data update process is ongoing to gather up-to-date information on the household composition and the socio familiar profiling.

It should be highlighted that Porto City Hall bought the Bairro da Tapada for 1 million euros, so as to ensure that the housing complex would maintain its social function and to safeguard the existing tenancies. To doing that, the City Hall had to exercise its right of preference to stop the real estate speculation on that part of the city.