Repairs and improvements undertaken at the Rua de Álvares Cabral in Porto are concluded

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The paving of the Rua de Álvares Cabral and the surrounding areas, namely the Rua de Sacadura Cabral and the intersection with Rua de Aníbal Cunha, Largo do Priorado and the Rua da Cedofeita have been completed. The endeavour was carried out by the municipal company Gestão e Obras do Porto – GO Porto, and represented a municipal investment of circa 425 thousand euros.

The works comprised the rehabilitation of the waste water treatment infrastructure, by the Águas e Energia do Porto, as well as the replacement of granite floor pavement covering by asphalt concrete pavement, namely milling operations and road surface paving, and the placing of horizontal and vertical road signs. The works also included the improvement of pedestrian accessibility, the levelling of pavements, and the strengthening of adequate warning signs in the crossing areas.

It is worth mentioning that Porto City Hall will reuse the granite floor coverings removed from the pavement, as they will be utilized to pave areas in the city where the traffic is less intense, namely squares and heritage areas.