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Rediscover the existing building hidden potentialities with "Yellowred" by architect João F. Machado

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Bookshop "Circo de Ideias" in Porto launches book on building rehabilitation. "Yellowred, on reused architecture" by architect João F. Machado helps evaluate the potential for rehabilitating or rebuilding, July 8, starting at 5 pm.

The author publishes this work in co-authorship with Martin Boesch, Laura Lupini and the collaboration of Federico Pompignioli.

The first volume of "Yellowred on reused architecture" concerns architecture projects, built on preexisting architecture, by means of converting, reusing, extending, downsizing or refurbishing it. 

"Its main goal is to illustrate how buildings, in their inevitable transformation process, can be re-used", says João F. Machado.

Readers are also offered with examples from the past, showing that reusing existing buildings have always been part of architects' concerns, for economic, social or cultural reasons.