Digital services record high by the Townsman Office

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Online customer service by the townsman office increases, as the Balcão Virtual keeps running in the normal working hours. 

Although this is not the only way available to contact the Municipality of Porto, citizens have chosen this point of contact.

The last week in March registered a 56% increase in the number of received emails.

In addition, online application forms have showed a 10% increase, between 23rd and 27th March.

Conversely, the number of phone calls received have decreased 22% in general matters and 30% in urban affairs.

It is worth highlighting that this online service has been optimised to better cope with demand and needs during the quarantine and the shutdown, so almost 100% of its workers are on teleworking.

As such, postal mail is less than usual; this past week, less than 87% of letter mail was posted and received postal mails 72%.

The "Balcão Virtual" gathers in one platform an array of municipal related information and provides services according to the citizen's needs.

Due to the current pandemic, the Townsman Office is working on a teleworking regimes, since 16th March. Phone assistance is also available between 9am and 5pm, working days.