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Read what Porto is doing to fight Covid-19

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Porto has put in place a set of preventive measures to fight this emergent global health problem, the new coronavirus, Covid-19.

The Municipality's plans include a range of interventions to minimise transmission and mitigate the impact of the outbreak. These are the main measures included in the decree signed by Mayor Rui Moreira on 13th March that comes into force until 9th April; these measures can be reviewed, whenever justifiable.

These measures include:

- The Townmasn Office will only provide online support, via "Balcão Virtual" and phone contact 222 090 400;

- All trade fairs and non- food markets under municipal responsibility are closed;

- The closure of municipal public parks and walled gardens of S. Lázaro, S. Roque, Covelo, Bonjóia, Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, Parque da Pasteleira and Virtudes;

- The closure of municipal parking lots, except subscriptions holders;

- The suspension of parking metres in Porto City Hall's exploited areas;

- The closure of municipal playgrounds;

- The ban on access to beaches, after hearing the shipping authority;

- The maintenance of social support to the most vulnerable populations, namely by the Social Network coordination and the NPISA Porto (Planning and intervening Programme to the Homeless); the Temporary Reception Centre, Solidarity Restaurants and the Food Service in elementary schools and kindergartens to any students that requires it.

Porto Municipality also enforces the following, regarding civil servants:

- Remote working to civil servants, whenever that is doable; except to those whose action is vital to the municipality's network, for example, waste collection;

- In activities considered essential and the use of remote working is not possible, that its execution is guaranteed through the implementation of staff turnover and/ or staggered timetabling, observing all prophylactic stipulated by the General Directorate for Health;

- The closure of all municipal cafeterias, and ensuring the provision of meals to civil workers on duty by an external company;

- safeguarding the right of employees to their full salary;

The Municipality of Porto states that it will continue to watch developments closely, as well as decisions issued by the Government of the Portuguese Republic and the public health authorities.

Watch the statement made by Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, on 13th March, to Porto residents.