Quinta do Covelo will have a 3800 sq. m outdoor playground for dogs

Filipa Brito

The building of the dog playground at Quinta do Covelo kicks off on 3rd August. The dog park equipment will have two different areas, amounting to approximately 3800 sq. m, one for large breed dogs and another one for small breed dogs. 

The project is to be concluded within 2 months and works feature the demarcation of the two dog playground areas, one for larger dogs and another for smaller dogs, through fencing with a meshed plastic net, as well as the setting up of traditional and durable pieces of outdoor site furnishings, such as concrete benches, water fountains for human and for animal use, paper bins, containers for separation of residues and supports for bags for canine residue collection.

In addition, there will be an anteroom common to both playground areas so that the owners can take their time in unleashing the pets.

There will also be canine recreational equipment to promote physical exercise, agility and dexterity.

The municipal company for public management works - GO Porto is in charge of the construction and the investment is estimated at 18.500 euros.

This is the second dog playground in town, as the first was inaugurated in 2019, at the Garden Paulo Vallada.

With the addition of this dog park at Quinta do Covelo, and with the inauguration of the Animal Collection Centre, the Municipal Executive is meeting its commitment to promoting animal welfare policies.