Queimódromo, in the City Park, is on its way to becoming greener

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The works at the City Park have kicked off. The endeavour includes the renaturation of circa 6.500 square metres of paved area in the Queimódromo, which will be a green area, with the planting of around 2.800 trees and bushes. These works are held in the framework of the third and last phase of the City Park’s renovation works, according to the project by professor and landscape architect Sidónio Pardal.

The design will remodel the land with three lots of green areas, which will wind up the global structure of the park. Accessibility infrastructure is improved, in the transition area of the City Park, the viaduct and the maritime front.

The City Park is a living, dynamic and changing structure that requires permanent care, which is carried out accordingly with its landscape design and following functional and aesthetic criteria. Thus, Porto City Hall informs that there is the need to trim and plant, as well as cut down trees that will be largely compensated by the planting of new trees, as much as 1.370 trees and 1.430 bushes, which will add to the circa 500 recently planted trees that strengthen the largest green area in the city of Porto. These actions follow the municipal strategy to expand green areas in the city.

During the works, the construction perimeter is sealed with a security fence, although access to the City Park is ensured via the maritime front, which is also the most used entrance, next to Sealife’s entrance.

The municipal company Go Porto is in charge of the works, which represent an investment of more than 2. 6 million euros. The works deadline is 240 days.