Quarantine textbook offers 40 ideas to make the most of your time in your home

"This Quarantine Textbook (Sebenta da Quarentena) was our way to let you know, from afar and scattered through the country that we are close by, close to you." 

This is the message by the artistic intervention platform "Mistaker Maker", organised to offer you 40 ideas that will help you make the most of your time at home.

You can download images, print them or you can sort them in numerical or alphabetical order, according to the difficulty level, by the type of challenge or by mere choice.

You can also choose to gift them to your loved ones, family and friends, or to those that help you at home. Either photographing them or putting them by your window, or just keeping them to yourself as a reminder of these extraordinary times, it is up to you.

However, we would like you to send us your achievements to email or via phone to 916 109 764.

Summon your kids, nephews and nieces or even grandchildren for this artistic mission!

Be inspired and be an inspiration!