Professional School Árvore was exemplary in how it ensured remote education during coronavirus

The European Social Fund news channel highlights Escola Árvore as an example on how to implement remote learning within the Covid-19 pandemic.

Escola Árvore, located in the historical area of the city of Porto, was very quick to implement distance learning when the current pandemic hit our country.

All classroom activities were closed on 16 March, but all students followed classroom activities in a non-presidential manner. 70 computers have been provided to students at home to be able to follow the classes.

This vocational school offers an Artistic and Professional curricula, with special focus in the field of plastic expressions, with new technologies as a complementary tool.

Its educational project fosters the development of creativity and active participation in the defence of the fundamental values of freedom, peace and tolerance, as well as cultural and environmental heritage assets, in line with UNESCO's purposes.