Porto's Municipal Libraries join the Prague Quadrennial

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The municipal libraries of Porto, through the Almeida Garrett Library, are associated with the Portuguese Official Representation in the PQ 2023 - 15th Prague Quadrennial, currently considered the most important international exhibition in the areas of scenic design, scenography, and theatre architecture.

Through “Mirabolante”, a project that invites public participation to gather rare visions of the future and which is divided into two parts, includes the gathering of messages in Portugal, through points placed in the selected libraries and the subsequent availability of them in the Prague Quadrennial, through a device called “bola de cristal” (crystal ball).

The Directorate General for the Arts (DGARTES), as commissioner, selected Ângela Rocha's project - “Metade dos Minutos” (Half of the Minutes) - for the “Countries and Regions” section, which includes the parallel activity integrated in Mirabolante.

The collection of “predictions of the future”, omens, desires and fears, and utopian or dystopian messages in the form of words, drawings, small objects or images, is available at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library until March 3, 2023. This initiative is open to all those who wish to contribute anonymously and can participate as many times as they want.

After the collection, selection, and translation process (when necessary), these messages will be accessible to any visitor during the Quadrennial, through a “gift machine” scenographed in the manner of a crystal ball. Each person will be able to collect, at random, a transparent capsule that contains a unique and original “vision”.

Mirabolante's main goal is to bring the ideas of our communities to Prague, affirming public libraries as spaces for creation, innovation, learning, and the future.

The Prague Quadrennial, an international event dedicated to scenography and theatrical architecture, will take place from 7 to 18 June 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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