Porto's brand new skatepark has just been inaugurated

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Miguel Nogueira

Porto City Hall invested circa 150 thousand euros and now Porto has a new and modern skatepark, at Ramalde Sports Compex. It is already open for business as of 24th November.

This 950 square meter purposed-built recreational environment can house up to 55 skateboarders and skaters simultaneously. These enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a true skate park and not just a street spot.

The infrastructure features half-pipes, quarter pipes, spine transfers, handrails, funboxes, vert ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, pools, bowls, snake runs, and stairsets, just to mention a few.

"The city longed for such a space a long time now; it is done and well done; even so because it was designed by one of the best experts in the field", Mayor Rui Moreira added on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony.

Or, we would add, one of the best experts in the sports designed it: the architect and skater Francisco Lopez "França", who signed the project, jointly with other skaters of Porto.

The Skate Park is now available to the entire Skater community but also to BMX, scooter, wheelchair, and aggressive inline skating aficionados.

Porto City Hall swiftly coped with the rapidly growing demand for such equipment and services by the youth in Porto.