Porto/Post/Doc is back: commit to the seventh art from 20 to 29 November


'A Cidade do Depois' ["The After City", free translation] is the theme of this year's edition of the cinema festival Porto/Post/Doc, which runs between 20 and 29 November, both on site an online, at the usual venues: Rivoli, Passos Manuel and Porto Planetarium.

Society is forever changing, altering the way things are perceived. Society's perspectives on politics, economy, society itself and technology are constantly altered.

These alterations and change are the focus of this 7th edition of Porto/Post/Doc, which is back in town this November. The programme highlights "cinematographic representation of cities throughout the last century, since the roaring twenties to the slow pace of contemporary cinema", as sated by the press release.

Owing to the ongoing pandemic, the programme is to be presented in a double format: on site and online, at the Rivoli - Porto Municipal Theatre, at Passos Manuel and at Porto Planetarium. The online format provides a wide selection of Video on Demand (VoD) films.

The programme fetaures films such as "A Invenção do Amor" (1965) by António Campos, "Juventude em Marcha" (2006) by Pedro Costa, "Killer of Sheep" (1978) by Charles Burnett, "La Jetée" (1962) by Chris Marker, "Millennium Mambo" (2001) by Hou Hsiao-Hsie and "The Exiles" (1961) by Kent Mackenzie.

The focus this year is the dream of a city that allies with modernity, as a place of progress, employment and high living standards, but it all fades with rural exodus, war, economic and political crisis and gentrification.

These are the starting points to the talk cycle Forúm do Real that also adheres to the double format - on site and online - with guests as sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos, philosopher Paulo Pires do Vale, architect Ana Aragão, film critic Roger Koza, art historian Pascale Cassagnau and programmer Maria João Madeira, among others.

The Porto/Post/Doc programme is about to be conclude and it will be announced in a press conference set for 3rd November.

Ticket process range 2€ (students), 3.50€ (older than 65 and holders of the Tripass card) and 5€ (regular ticket); but movie aficionados can also choose to buy the "Aderente" and "Sócio" packages, which grant them access to ten sessions at 20€ or to all sessions at 50€, respectively.