Porto News Portal has an English version

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The Porto News Portal is now bilingual, presenting content both in Portuguese and English. The informative website created by the City Hall of Porto in 2014, publishes illustrated articles with photographs and videos, about what matters most in the city, whether or not the events were produced in the municipality.

Until now, aside from the site for tourists (visit Porto), also created by the local authority, the city did not have a news portal that could inform foreigners on latest events in the city.

In the kick-off stage of this project, not all content will be translated. Our editors will provide the English version of the news of potential interest for a foreigner who travels to the city or that simply wants to know what happens in Porto.

At present, Porto is visited by many investors, foreign families and students who came to the city either to work temporarily or to live permanently. They do not master the Portuguese language or are simply interested in tourism-oriented contents of the "visit Porto" website.

Information and creative content are produced "in-house", and there is an online Press Release form, available to any institution that wishes to request disclosure of any information, regardless of Porto City Hall support.

Prospectively, the Porto.pt app will also provide content in English, which is currently only available from the browser.

To visit the Porto.pt website in English, please click on the "British flag" icon on the upper right corner of the website.