Porto Maastricht friendly football match in Ramalde

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Veteran players of a football team from Maastricht in The Netherlands visited Porto this past weekend. The main goal of the visit was to get to know the city and play a match against a local team as well.

The veteran football players from Maastricht faced the veteran football players of Porto City Hall. Porto City Hall prevailed 6-0 at home. Despite this score, the Dutch team affirmed "This year we came to Porto and played a match against a city team of Porto. It was a good match especially from the Porto team".

"Each year we go abroad for a weekend with our team and we play a match against a local team. We already went to Istanbul, Dublin, Malaga and Bari", team captain, Leo Hendricks stated.

The Dutch team organizes trips to European cities, but in the future they hope they can go to other continents.

"We had a great time during the match even though we lost, we went to see Porto this weekend and we enjoyed it", the Dutch captain team concluded.