Porto is the second European city with more favourable price ratio

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Porto is one of the best European cities to live and work, second only to Tartu, Estonia. The city of Porto is singled out as 70% cheaper to live in than New York City, according to The Independent, online British newspaper and Business Insider, news site founded in 2009 in New York.

Based on an article by Glassdoor "Which Countries in Europe Offer the Best Standard of Living?" the news site publish in their online edition of November 21, a list of the 7 cheapest European cities to live, establishing a connection between price ratios and standard of living.

Glassdoor Economic Research report analyses how wages vary throughout Europe and identifies countries in which the cost of living is the most (and the least) favourable. The study covers 18 countries and compares these European markets to the United States, that is used as a benchmark.

There are numerous European cities where the average city dweller can balance low wages with low prices.

The other cities referred to in the list are Thessaloniki, Greece (3), Tallin, Estonia (4), Athens, Greece (5), Lisbon, Portugal (6), and Barcelona, Spain (7).