Porto Innovation Hub goes to i3S this Thursday

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Miguel Nogueira

Porto Innovation Hub goes outside this Thursday, December 15, at 10.00 pm, and the Research and Innovation Institute of the University of Porto (i3s) opens doors to those who want to have a look behind the scenes of i3s research work in three areas of health: Cancer, Interaction and Host Response, Neurobiology and Neurological Diseases.

The Research and Innovation Institute of the University of Porto -i3S- is strategically located in a campus with a strong focus of healthcare, next to the largest University Hospital in the Region and to the Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO) as well as the Medical Faculty.

The initiative, oriented by Mário Barbosa, i3S Director, has the goal of raising people's awareness regarding this trans-disciplinary character of i3S through these Integrative Research Programs that are closely associated with ageing, in particular cancer and neurological, thus having a significant impact in society, particularly in the elderly population.

The main drive of i3S staff members is to provide answers to a wide range of complex, socially and ethically driven issues to achieve a single goal: promoting health.

Entrance is free, but registration is required at 

The meeting point is Rua Alfredo Allen 208, Porto.